A quick and easy way to call refrigerant properties.

XProps® is an enhancement to NIST’s REFPROP database, a vital reference for refrigerant properties used throughout the thermal systems industry. XProps® includes all of the physical property routines from REFPROP and has the ability to define unique refrigerant mixtures. Additionally, XProps®:

  • Supports over 65 different pure fluids and more than 35 built-in fluids and mixtures
  • Includes support for newer fluids such as HFO-1234yf
  • Supports English, SI and mixed units
  • Can access over 112 property function calls from various platforms including:
    • Microsoft Excel® Version 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32 bit)Click to Enlarge
    • C, C++
    • Matlab® (version 2008a onwards)
    • Engineering Equation Solver (EES)
    • LabVIEW® (version 7.1b)
    • Mathcad® Version 13.0 and 14.0
    • Microsoft .NET Platform (C#, VB.NET, Managed C++) with .NET Framework 2.0

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  • System Requirements
    • XProps® itself is a 32-bit program. Thus, the calling program (Excel, Matlab etc.), MUST be a 32-bit program.
    • Supported OS (both 32 and 64bit): Windows XP-SP3 / Vista / 7/ Server 2008 / Server 2008 R2
    • 2 GB RAM minimum
    • 2 GHz Dual-Core Processor or faster
    • 350 MB disk space