Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc. (OTS) transforms the way thermal systems are designed and developed, freeing engineers to do what they do best: create and innovate.

Optimized Thermal Systems was founded in 2002, with the goal to provide crucial heat transfer and system integration expertise to the industry specifically in the areas of air-conditioning, heat pumping, refrigeration and energy conversion. Having roots with faculty and research at the University of Maryland, our experienced staff supports innovation and next generation product development through software licensing and customization of CoilDesigner®, VapCyc® and XProps®.

Our logo embodies our mission and vision – striving for optimized performance no matter the system or project. We strive to take the baseline design and find new solutions that not only improve performance but also reduce cost, material, and time. This results in incredible potential to advance the state-of-the art into the next generation to create efficient, inspiring product solutions for our built environment.

Working with the OTS suite of software solutions will reduce your project costs, your time to market, and overall program risk.