A quick and easy way to call refrigerant properties.


XProps® Fluids:
Acetone Heptane Octane R1234yf R23
Ammonia Hexane Oxygen R1234ze R236ea
Argon hydrogen Parahydrogen R124 R236fa
Benzene Hydrogen Sulfide Pentane R125 R245ca
Butane Isobutane Propane R13 R245fa
Carbon Dioxide Isopentane Propylene R134a R32
Cyclohexane Krypton Propyne R14 R365mfc
Cyclopropane Methane R11 R141b R41
Decane Methanol R113 R142b RC318
Deuterium Neon R114 R143a Sulfur Hexafluoride
Dimethyl Ether Neopentane R115 R152a Water
Ethane Nitrogen R116 R218 Xenon
Ethanol Nitrogen Trifluoride R12 R22  
Ethylene Nonane R123 R227ea  

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XProps® Mixtures:
ASHRAE Designation Components ASHRAE Designation Components
air N2/Ar/O2 R410B R32/R125
R401A R22/R152a/R124 R411A Propylene/R22/R152a
R401B R22/R152a/R124 R411B Propylene/R22/R152a
R401C R22/R152a/R124 R412A R22/R218/R142b
R402A R125/Propane/R22 R413A R218/R134a/Isobutane
R402B R125/Propane/R22 R414A R22/R124/Isobutane/R142b
R403A Propane/R22/R218 R414B R22/R124/Isobutane/R142b
R403B Propane/R22/R218 R415A R22/R152a
R404A R125/R134a/R143a R415B R22/R152a
R405A R22/R152a/R142b/RC318 R417A R125/R134a/Butane
R406A R22/Isobutane/R142b R422A R125/R134a/Isobutane
R407A R32/R125/R134a R500 R12/R152a
R407B R32/R125/R134a R501 R22/R12
R407C R32/R125/R134a R502 R22/R115
R407D R32/R125/R134a R503 R23/R13
R407E R32/R125/R134a R504 R32/R115
R408A R125/R143a/R22 R507A R125/R143a
R409A R22/R124/R142b R508A R23/R116
R409B R22/R124/R142b R509A R22/R218
R410A R32/R125    
XProps® Nomenclature and Units:
XProps Output Symbol XProps Output Parameter SI Units Modified SI Units (with Prefixes) English Units
T Temperature K °C °F
P Pressure Pa kPa psia
rho Density kg/m3 kg/m3 lbm/ft3
x Quality [ 0.0 to 1.0] NA NA NA
s Specific Entropy J/kg K kJ/kg K Btu/lbmR
h Specific Enthalpy J/kg kJ/kg Btu/lbm
mu Dynamic Viscosity (output only) kg/m.s kg/m.s lbm/ft.hr
Cp Isobaric Specific Heat (output only) J/kg K kJ/kg K Btu/lbmR
Cv Isoboric Specific Heat (output only) J/kg K kJ/kg K Btu/lbmR
u Specific Internal Energy J/kg kJ/kg Btu/lbm
a Speed of Sound m/s m/s ft/s
sigma Surface Tension (output only) N/m mN/m lb/ft
k Thermal Conductivity (output only) W/m2K W/m2K Btu/hr ft °F
XProps® Function Calls:
Output Parameters (Dependent Variables): Based on One or More of the Following Input Parameters (Independent Variables):
Density Pressure, Temperature, Entropy, Vapor Quality, Enthalpy
Dynamic Viscosity Pressure, Temperature
Enthalpy Pressure, Temperature, Entropy, Vapor Quality, Density
Entropy Pressure, Temperature, Enthalpy, Vapor Quality, Density
Internal Energy Pressure, Temperature, Enthalpy, Entropy
Isobaric Specific Heat Pressure, Temperature
Isochoric Specific Heat Pressure, Temperature
Pressure Temperature, Density, Enthalpy, Entropy
Quality Pressure, Enthalpy, Temperature, Density, Entropy
Speed of Sound Pressure, Temperature
Surface Tension Temperature, Density
Temperature Pressure, Enthalpy, Entropy, Vapor Quality
Thermal Conductivity Pressure, Temperature