Advanced system simulation tool for HVAC&R applications.


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning
Air Source Cooling
Low Temp. Refrigeration
Medium Temp. Refrigeration
High Temp. Refrigeration
Solver Options
High-Side Low-Side
Charge Suction Superheat
Subcooling Evaporator Outlet Quality
Condenser Outlet Temperature  
Discharge Pressure  
Junction Quality  
Available Refrigerants
Ammonia R13 R407C R422B
Butane R134a R410A R422D
Carbon Dioxide R152a R413A R417A
Isobutane R22 R417A R427A
Propane R245fa R422A R1234yf
R113 R32 R507A R1234ze
R12 R404A R407A User defined fluid / mixture
Available Components
Compressors ARI 540-99 10 Coefficient Database Model
Generic Compressor with Constant Efficiencies
Two Stage Compressor Model with Intercooler Option
3 port – Two Stage Split Compressor Model with Intercooler Option
Compressor with Economizer Port
20 Coefficient Variable-speed or Digital Scroll Compressor
Generic Scroll Compressor with Shell Heat Transfer
Generic Reciprocating Compressor with Shell Heat Transfer
Generic Compressor with Efficiencies Equation Inputs
Heat Exchangers VapCyc CoilDesigner Reader Component
Generic Heat Exchanger
Ideal Heat Exchanger
Generic Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger
VapCyc CoilDesigner Tube-in-Tube HX Reader
VapCyc CO2 Gas Coolers
Constant Heat Load HX
Dummy Component
Water Cooled Ice Evaporator
3600W Water Cooled HX
Evaporator model with latent load
Suction Line HXs CoilDesigner Tube-in-Tube HX File Reader
Segmented Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Model
VapCyc Generic Suction Line
VapCyc Efficiency Based Suction Line
VapCyc Alpha 1240W Suction Line
VapCyc Alpha 2440W Suction Line
VapCyc Alpha 3640W Suction Line
VapCyc Alpha 5000W Suction Line
VapCyc Alpha 10000W Suction Line
VapCyc Alpha 11000W Suction Line
Capillary Tube Suction Line HX for Lateral and Concentric Type (Correlation Based)
Capillary Tube Suction Line HX for Lateral and Concentric Type (Physics Based)
Dummy Component
Expansion Devices Generic Orifice
Adiabatic Capillary Tube Model
Short Tube Orifice Model
Linear TXV Model
Dummy Valve Model
Expansion Device Flash Separator
Tubes/Pipes Generic Pipe Model
Composite Line Model
Dummy Component