Custom Simulation Tools to Meet Unique Analytical Needs

System Testing

Evaluate System-Level Performance

In addition to our temperature controlled-wind tunnels, the OTS laboratory includes several environmental chambers for the purposes of testing individual components, novel technologies and full HVAC&R systems. Testing is conducted for a variety of purposes to accommodate differing research and development needs. System level testing capabilities are as follows:

  • Multiple chambers available; indoor/outdoor rooms
  • Chambers ranging in size from 7’ x 7’ x 7’ to 15’ x 15’ x 15′
  • Up to 6-ton system capacity
  • Temperature control: 20°F (-7°C) to 112°F (44°C) within +/- 2.0°F (1.0°C)
  • Relative humidity control: 35% – 90%

Accommodations for test conditions outside of the ranges listed above can be made on a case-by-case basis. When laboratory conditions are not appropriate for a given system, OTS also provides field testing support through selection, installation, and monitoring of data acquisition equipment as well as full data analysis and technology review.

Contact us to discuss your laboratory or field testing needs.