A highly customizable software tool for the design, simulation and optimization of air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers.


Heat Exchanger Types
Flat tube
Refrigerant Options
All refrigerants available in NIST REFPROP 9.0
Pure fluids (R134a, R1234yf, R1234ze, CO 2, etc.) and pre-defined mixtures (R410A, R404A, etc.)
User-defined refrigerant fluids and mixtures
Proprietary implementation for popular refrigerant properties gives significant improvement in execution time compared to NIST REFPROP
Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Correlations
Use of empirical correlations to solve for heat transfer, pressure drop and void fraction
Over 180 built-in correlations implemented in the program, including details and references
Specific correlations dependent on refrigerant, tube, and/or fin type (i.e. CO2, riffled tube, wavy fin) included
Data reduction tool allows for back-calculating f and j factors for airside performance based on lab data
Ability to enter user-defined correlations
Flexible Tube Circuitry
Number of tube rows and columns limited only by computer memory
Model unlimited splits and merges
Built-in counter-flow circuitry options (tube-fin) and pass-based inputs (microchannels)
Custom circuitries using mouse clicks on-screen
Air Side Options
Multiple fin types (plate, louver, slit, wavy, bare tubes), with wet or dry air
2D air maldistribution on coil face area for velocity, temperature and humidity
Built-in velocity profiles and ability to use CFD velocity profile outputs
Load a fan curve to solve for air flow rate
Multiple options, depending on need for accuracy or computation time
2D fin conduction option with user-defined fin cuts
Segment by segment modeling approach
Extensively validated against experimental data
Parametric Analysis
Individual, combination, and multiplicative options
Ability to vary coil dimensions, refrigerant and air side inlet conditions, and tube passes
Plot results in the program and copy to external applications
Export data to a spreadsheet for further manipulation and analysis
Ability to use multiple processors for faster, simultaneous calculations
Single and multi-objective genetic algorithms built into the program
Systematic search of the entire design space defined for optimum coil performance requirements
Results displayed as a trade-off (Pareto) curve
New files created for identified design solutions, for further review and analysis
Unique data visualization built-in to the program to evaluate the optimization results
Post Processing and Results
Detailed results including properties of interest for segments and tubes
Plots for heat load vs. tubes and circuits and outlet air temperature profile
3D view of circuitry and refrigerant temperature distribution
Ability to export to a spreadsheet for archiving and further analysis
Coils saved in portable data format for loading from any application
External communication interface for .NET platform (*additional license fees may apply)
Solvers can be used from other applications (Desktop, Web, Cloud)
System Requirements
Dual core Intel/AMD processor 2.0 GHz
At least 2 GB RAM; 300 MB hard drive disk space for program installation
Microsoft Windows Operation System (2000 or higher)
Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 and 4.0 with complete Windows Updates
Minimum monitor resolution of 1024 x 768
Customer Support
License includes four hours of web-based training
Unlimited support available via email, phone and web conference
Assistance with CoilDesigner integration with existing in-house tools and applications
Customization—Available Upon Request
Customize to suit individual needs, i.e. limiting tube selection, customizing optimization options, etc.
Integrate with existing in-house tools using the CoilDesigner engine in the background
Customize the user interface and/or integrate with web platforms
Pricing and License Agreement
Annual license, per user
Price based on number of modules (tube-fin and/or microchannel), number of users, and need for customization
License renewals provided at a significant discount from the first year price
Includes unlimited support and all program updates